Man Tries To Do Push-Up Challenge with 4 Dog Boxers, but They Make Sure He Fails

A man saw an online push-up challenge where people record themselves doing a significant number of push-ups and post it on their social media. He was intrigued by the challenge and wanted to try it out. The man found a secluded room in his home, and set up the camera for the challenge.

In this video, we see the man preparing for the pushing challenge. As he starts work, 4 His boxers come looking for him in the room! Innocent dogs see Dad sweating all alone and immediately feel bad for him. Boxers rush to surround Babi from all sides and laughfully start looking for a way to make fun of him!

But Dad is determined to complete the challenge. He ignores dogs and continues to push. Boxers think something is wrong with Dad and increase the intensity of their hugs and kisses. They climb into all their favorite people and ask him to stop what he is doing and play with them on the contrary!

After a few seconds, it becomes impossible for Dad to continue! He falls on his back and allows his dogs to “attack” him with their love. The boxers are pleased as they finally get their father’s attention and bury his face with their happy licks. As for the father, he simply acknowledges the fact that he will never end the provocative challenge with his living Boxers at home!

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