Man Ties Dog In Open Pickup Truck Dog Suffers In Cold

Viral photo from Parker, Colorado, has sparked a debate over the well-being of dogs in hostile weather. This photo captures a frozen Malamute dog in the back of an open truck on a day when the area was hit by a snowstorm.

This picture was taken by a motorist who was heartbroken over the plight of the dog blanketed in a pile of snow. The poor dog was shivering in the wind and 16F temperature, but his apathetic owner didn’t care at all and kept driving. While many people have remarked that Malamutes are “used to” cold weather, vets have confirmed that they are still at the risk of frostbites.

The Colorado State Patrol officers who weighed in on the issue claim that the owner did nothing “illegal” by carrying the dog in the back of the open pickup track. However, they have accepted that the situation can take the form of animal abuse if the dog is found sick or hurt.

While Malamutes resist the cold better than other breeds, it is still troubling to see an owner who does not respect the safety and comfort of his dog who has nowhere to go.
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