Man saved the dog from kangaroo choking

A group got together with a young cancer patient for an expedition in the wildlands of Australia for the day, and they brought the dogs along. But it was out here that one of the dogs would have a scary encounter with a kangaroo, and it could’ve ended much worse than it did.

The man was horrified when he saw a kangaroo with a chokehold on his dog, and he went after it without hesitation. He had to do something to break it up and ensure the safety of not only his dog but for the kangaroo too. But even has he approached, the kangaroo kept the stranglehold on the dog refusing to let go. And then the animal turned its attention to the man.

The kangaroo’s actions showed it wasn’t going to let this whole thing go anytime soon, and getting attacked by a kangaroo would not be good. So the man did what he had to do and threw a punch striking it in the face. It didn’t do any permanent damage, and he just wanted to scare the animal away — and it worked! The kangaroo disengaged and ran off.

It’s unfortunate it had to come down to violence, but can you really blame someone for trying to protect their dog? of course not.

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