Mama Dog puts an and to her puppies fight with here eyesight

The Beagle puppies in this video are having a vigorous tussle over something very petty, but their stern mama dog takes this as an opportunity to give them a proper lesson in playing nice!

Beagle puppies usually have a merry temperament, but they can also be quite mischievous. In this video, we see 2 Beagle brothers instigating a nasty fight with each other. At first, it looks like a mild tiff, but soon the puppies are aggressively all over each other!

Before we know it, the puppies are biting each other’s ears and hell-bent on overpowering the other. When Mama Beagle watches this from afar, she immediately knows she has to interfere. She walks up to her puppies with a very grim face and rolls her eyes! Within a second, the puppies are trembling in fear and begging their mama to not be mad at them!

The puppies adorably try to claim their innocence, but Mama Beagle is having none of their theatrics. She gives them an ominous look and warns them about getting into dirty fights again. Lol! This story reminded us of another no-nonsense mama dog who schooled her puppies for playing rough. We totally love tough mama dogs!

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