Little Puppy plays dirty Turned To Fart In Corgi’s Face

It seems that no matter the species, siblings are prone to arguing and fighting. They love each other deep down and never mean to hurt one another, but it’s just something that brothers and sisters do! Just look at the two dogs in the video below.

Mac the Corgi and his new sister, Lacie, are going at it and having quite the argument. But what Mac doesn’t realize yet is that his new puppy sibling likes to play dirty!

The dogs are barking their heads off while face to face. And apparently, Lacie starts losing the argument as her next move reeks of desperation; the little pup turns and farts right in Mac’s face!

Mac the corgi is getting to know his new sister Lacie. But she plays dirty.

The Corgi’s reaction is absolutely priceless! He even turns to the camera with a look that says, “what just happened?” He didn’t appreciate that act in the slightest! Too funny.

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