Little Puppy keep Smiling during his first vet visit

When it comes to riding in the car, most dogs could only hope that they’re on their way to the dog park. But when they find out it’s actually the veterinarian’s office, they usually aren’t too thrilled.

This wasn’t the case for one photogenic puppy who clearly didn’t mind his vet appointment.

A two-month-old toy Terrier pup went for a check-up and vaccinations with Dr. Marina Rudenko, who works at a vet clinic in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and he was all smiles!

Dr. Rudenko held the puppy (who is so tiny that his entire body fit in her hands) up in the air as he flashes an adorable smile from ear to ear and is overall beaming with joy.

But while this puppy is seemingly very happy, Dr. Rudenko took to Instagram to remind everyone that being a veterinarian isn’t always all smiles and happy times.

“Not only healthy animals are brought to the veterinarian for an appointment,” she wrote in a post. “Animals after injuries and accidents in a state of shock with wounds, broken spines, crawled out eyes, and torn paws…animals tormented by illness or abuse. They all need help.”

Dr. Rudenko goes on to explain that although it is hard to stay distant from the patients, it’s important to think quickly and logically to save their lives, rather than get caught up on your emotions.

“The animal is sick,” she continued. “Life depends on my actions.”

She explains that humanizing the patients would make it harder to treat them correctly. She also reassures that this does not make veterinarians heartless, for they love animals and are ready to help in any situation.

Being a veterinarian is a very stressful job, and it seems like Dr. Rudenko is doing an amazing job, especially from the smile on this tiny puppy’s face!

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