Little Girl Teaches Dog to Sit for Treats And She’s Thrilled When It Works

Kids love to imitate adults. Whether it’s making dinner with food for games or making fake vacuum out of the house, it gives them a sense of pride and helps them connect with the world around them. In this video, a cute little girl is taking her parents as she tries to give the dog a treat and teach her how to sit in command.

We all love watching kids interact with animals. It’s like cuteness overload! But what makes this video so adorable is the interaction between her and her Great Dane who is visibly three sizes bigger than her!

No more than two years old, this sweetheart is all giggly and excited to be giving him a treat. She waves it around and says, “Sit, sit!”And of course, with Great Danes being so smart, he listens to her command and sits like a good boy.

She is so excited that she can order the dog just like her mom and dad. There is immediate satisfaction for him. While she wants to do it again!

Children and dogs have a special relationship. Children feed and entertain their dogs while the dogs protect them. Seeing this little one teach her dog is so cute, it will definitely make you smile!


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