Little Cute Girl Sings to Her Boxer Puppy To Help Sleeping

At only 4-years-old, little Marleigh has already made a name for herself online. Cute as a button, Marleigh was featured in a video posted on Facebook by her mom, Paige Jolley Bumgarner. In the video, she is captured singing a sweet lullaby to her puppy, a boxer named Fiona. The video has taken the Internet by storm and has become a viral sensation.

One day, mother Paige Jolley Bumgarner was surprised to find Fiona in Marleigh’s arms. Apparently, the big cautious sister had noticed that Fiona was asleep. But instead of putting the puppy in her dog bed, Marleigh decided to rub Fiona on her arm like a baby, and sing her a sweet slumber.

The little puppy happily falls into a comfortable neighborhood as Marleigh exchanges her back and forth as she squeezes this magical song with her angelic voice. When Paige asks her daughter what she is doing, she with adorable answers, “I’m a good sister, mum” with glowing tones.

We love how Marleigh is so aware of her puppy’s needs despite her young age. Fiona is a lucky dog! No wonder she stands next to Marleigh at all times.
Being a dog in the world deserves such constant love!

Click the video below to see Marleigh’s precious gesture as she tries to cradle Fiona to sleep!
Hold up your volumes for this!

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