Little child Gets Tucked In Every Night By His German Shepherd

Eight-year-old Zander is one lucky boy. He is surrounded and protected by his three beautiful German Shepherds, Baron, Audi and Arlo.
Kids offer dogs playtime and endless cuddles, but there are so many things that children receive in return from their doggy companions.

“Caring for a dog creates a sense of empathy and a respect for life,” the post continues. “It teaches commitment and consistency, and it builds self-confidence. Your encouragement, along with the gratitude of the dog, will create as lasting feeling of self-esteem that will follow the child through life. Every kid deserves to grow up with a pet.”
And luckily, Zander is gets to grow up with three of them!

But the one he has the closest bond with is five-year-old Baron. The two of them have been together since Zander was just three years old. He has literally grown up alongside Baron, and they have grown to be the best of friends.

Every night before bed, Baron sits alongside Zander as they say their nightly prayers together.
Then, Baron tucks Zander into bed and the two of them read a book together.

Once story time is over, Baron gives Zander goodnight kisses, and even turns the light off for him!

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