Labradoodle- Reflection In Mirror For First Time, to funny

The moment a puppy sees his own reflection in the mirror is pure Internet magic. Smart dog moms and dads who are ready to record with a cell phone are creating treasured moments. Jolene the mini Australian Labradoodle is the latest social media sensation to discover a mirror.

“My new playmate is so much fun,” is the caption to accompany the video.

Jolene’s reaction to her own reflection startles her and causes a big scene. From play-bowing to barking, bouncing and looking completely confused, Jolene can’t get enough of herself!

Of course, the frisky pup has no idea she is taunting herself, but let’s not tell her that. Watching her in action is too much fun.

It’s as if the dog is saying, “Why won’t you stop doing what I’m doing?”

Watch all the fun of the determined doggo in action in the playful video below.

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