Kano, the states first pitbull police officer

Stafford Police Department has proudly shared the huge achievement of their newly appointed Pit Bull K9, Kano. Many people were apprehensive about assigning an “unreliable” dog breed like a Pit Bull with police duties, but the skilled Kano has proved his worth by already making a major $7,500-worth drug bust in the city!

Kano is Kansas’ first Pit Bull K9, who was diligently trained by the staff at “Universal K9” and “Animal Farm Foundation”. Due to his rigorous training, Kano operates with the single-minded purpose of locating narcotics and explosives. It is a real pleasure to watch him sniff-out suspicious objects!

Police forces generally prefer German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, or Bloodhounds as K9s, and Pit Bulls are usually ignored for their “vicious” tendencies. However, trainers have pointed out that this misunderstood breed is equally capable of being great K9s! In fact, most of the Pit Bulls are talented sniffers who can do great with the right training!

When he’s not working, Kano is just a regular dog who loves to play with his favorite toy! Together with his handler, Kano is ready to make a name for himself as a special police dog. Kano the K9 has proved that Pit Bulls are capable of so much more than the prejudice that accompanies the breed! Let’s spread the word and stand up for Pit Bulls everywhere!

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