In The Lion King Movie when hyenas jump the puppy scared, to funny

There are many stories online about dogs who like to watch television with their owners. They might watch other dogs on the screen or even cats or squirrels. Then there are dogs like Maya who see hyenas and suddenly freak out!

When Maya’s owner was watching The Lion King movie recently, the sweet pup went over to look at the television screen. The movie involves a lion cub named Simba, as Disney fans know.

All of a sudden hyenas appeared on the screen and Maya took off running! There is no way that pooch is allowing herself to get close to those spotted scavengers.

She sits pretty as a picture engrossed in the movie but the hyenas sneak up behind the bigger lion. It must have freaked tiny Maya out because she took off like a bolt of lightning!

See Maya in action by pressing play on the video below. It’s okay sweetie, those are just tv characters

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