Husky throws a tantrum after making a mess

One of the most beautiful breeds of dogs is the Siberian Huskies. They are known for their bright blue, piercing eyes and thick contrasting black and gray wool. This gives them a very dramatic look, which makes you feel like they are looking straight into your soul. But as dramatic as their appearance are their vocals. And when they worry, it would be like melting the little ones into squares.

Let’s be serious, dog melting is pretty ridiculous, especially this one suitable for Husky. Dramatically delivered from Blue, this Oscar-winning adaptation is deeply hysterical. Watch as Blue cries and groans after being reprimanded for tearing up his dog’s bed while mom and dad were on a date.

Mom scolds Blue and then he argues completely with her! Talking back and being delicious is just the way most human children are. Not laughing, this beautiful puppy is arguing with my almost ten-year-old son about how he is making a fuss.

He calms down long enough to think of something else to say that can take him out of trouble.

“You don’t know what happened?” she asks. “Who did this? Was it you or your sister? Who made this big mess?”

And that’s when the Oscar-winning stage enters. Blue is not having this. He’s crazy that Mom and Dad ran away and he has zero forgiveness to give. And I’m wrapped in the floor.

Does your dog argue with you? 😀
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