Husky Puppy Has A Heated Debate With Owner, “Penalize” Himself When He Loses

DJ Aaron Dissell and his talkative Husky puppy make quite a vocal pair together. The Husky puppy is very fond of engaging in “long” and “enriching” debates with Aaron, often leading to some of the most hilarious dad-dog conversations!

In this video, we find Aaron and his puppy in the middle of another bickering encounter. The Husky puppy seems to disagree with one of the points Aaron made during their “heated debate”, so the puppy boldly calls him out and mocks his weak opinions!

But Aaron playfully pretends to get “offended” by his puppy. He calls the puppy an ill-mannered “baby” for talking back to an adult. This deeply hurts the puppy’s feelings, and he resorts to desperate measures to make Aaron pay for making such an inconsiderate statement!

In an amusing turn, the puppy dramatically puts his own paw in his mouth. He chews on it in an attempt to impose a self-sabotaging “punishment” on himself!

Aaron quickly catches on the puppy’s passive-aggressive method to send him on a guilt trip! He can barely hold back his laughter as he sees the puppy going the extra mile with his paw to make Aaron feel “sorry”.

Check out this thrilling conversation between a husky puppy and artist Aaron Dissell. Just wait to see what this puppy does at the end!

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