Husky and Two Golden Retrievers are Waiting to Meet the Newborn Kitten

This is the lucky cat who has the three best protectors, her three siblings ,Two Golden Retrievers and one Husky who are not content with just one cat for a friend but they know they will soon have another.

The cat was pregnant and had just given birth to an adorable kitten. She spent a lot of time with her new baby baby feeding him and seems to be connected to him.
But now was the time for the newborn kitten to meet her older sisters. All three dogs sat at the gate and were watching him with more adoration.

When the time finally came for them to meet her, they sat around her and watched her every move. They looked very happy and soft with her as if they were looking forward to her joining their family with furry.
The mama cat also got some cuddle time with her doggy siblings.

Click the video below and watch heartwarming meeting

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