Homeless man finds his lost “friend”. Best dog reaction

Anthony Rogers is an artist who became homeless and is currently living on the streets in the Memphis area, but he isn’t alone.

By his side is his beloved dog, Bobo. Rogers rescued Bobo from a drug house when he was just a puppy. Bobo has practically saved Rogers life and has helped him stay clean from drugs for a year now.

But Rogers world was turned upside down when he woke up one morning to find that Bobo was no longer there, he was devastated. He contacted friends to help him search for his furry best friend, and posted flyers all over the community.

That is, until Bobo ended up at the Memphis shelter, where a shelter employee recognized him from the flyers. As soon as she had an inkling that this might be the same dog, she called the number on the missing dog flyers.

Rogers confirmed that the dog was, in fact, Bobo, and they set up a reunion.
The heartwarming reunion was captured on camera and is certainly hard to watch without tearing up.

As soon as Bobo sees his human, he goes bonkers! He excitedly jumps all over Rogers, wagging his tail a mile a minute. Bobo was unable to contain his happiness, and it’s clear just how much he loves Rogers.

Rogers was just as happy to have his furry best friend back.

Thanks to Utopia Animal Hospital, Bono has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

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