His Girlfriend Is Allergic To Dogs And So He Brings Them To Be Euthanized

Sam the Pointer and Cosmo the Lab blend lived together with their people in Illinois for the last ten years, but when their owners divorced, everything came up.

Their Dad was moving with his girlfriend, who was unfortunately allergic to dogs. Instead of returning the two dog brothers, the man took them to a veterinarian in Portage, Illinois, for an autopsy.

Thankfully, the veterinarian rejected the husband’s request that his being healthy, friendly, and playful euthanized, referring to her as “euthanasia ease”.

Sadly, owners have sometimes euthanized their pets for personal reasons or convenience, such as divorce, allergies, movement, spillage, work loss, among many others.

Both dogs were transferred to Start Again Rescue Co. before being sent to the Animal Welfare Society in Peqin in Tinley Park, Illinois.

Shortly afterwards, a couple from Lockport, Illinois named Eric and Tiffany Dybas, heard about the sad story of Cosmo and Sam and decided to give them a loving home forever just in time for the holidays!

Cosmo and Sam have settled into their new home and are enjoying their new life.
Their new parents will love them unconditionally and will see them as family and not property.

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