Hero Dad He Does Not Allow Disease to Stress his Dog, Takes Him On Walk Every Day

This man is Hero, Tonino from Italy is a very dedicated father. When his dog Labrador was diagnosed with arthritis.
Tonino did not want his dog’s adventures to end soon, the disease severely damaged him and did not allow him to walk, run or play as before.

Dad knew that Dylan would soon become depressed and lose his will to live if this continued for too long.
He thought of something special, taking it with him always when he went out to get some fresh air.
Because of Dylan’s medical condition, Tonino built him a carriage where he could sit and pull him for a walk.
Dylan and Tonino resumed their daily walks and he noticed that this walk was making him happy.

This video was made by a neighbor on their streets and she shared it on social media where many people from all over the world were touched by the love that Tonino had for his elderly dog.Tonino says Dylan was there for him when he was in the neck from grief after his father passed away. It was only natural for him to go out of his way to provide for Dylan’s comforts in his time of need.

Look at video below it’s a wonderful gesture

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