”Heartfelt Promise” made by Man to dying dog who left behind 3 beautiful puppies

A dog named Gaia was abandoned in the middle of nowhere in Central California, forced to fend for herself.

Sadly, that meant wandering the busy roads alone at night. One night, she was hit by a car and was badly injured. In addition to her broken leg, she was also pregnant!

While Gaia was struggling to survive, she wound up giving birth to three healthy puppies. When Good Samaritans discovered this mama and her three newborn pups, they fed them and called The Bill Foundation for help.

The Bill Foundation then contacted Hope For Paws, who agreed to make the trip out to California to rescue these dogs. Once back safe, The Bill Foundation said they would help the pups find loving forever homes.

Eldad Hagar, a Hope For Paws volunteer, arrived at the scene and quickly spotted the three puppies. He searched the area for their mother, but she was nowhere to be seen.

That’s when Hagar found out from a local man in the neighborhood that their mother had been hit by a car and had just succumbed to her injuries two hours prior to him getting there.

Hagar rushed to the scene to find Gaia lying in the middle of the street. He petted her and made her a promise that he would save her babies.
The Puppies were scared, but Hagar knew he had to fulfill his promise to Gaia. Their rescue wouldn’t be an easy one, but Hagar didn’t give up.
Eventually, he successfully retrieved all three puppies and brought them back to the clinic where they were examined. They were still very nervous, but as the days went on, they began to break out of their shells.

They finally got to play with a toy for the first time in their lives, and know what it feels like to sleep in a warm bed rather than the cold streets.

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