He was Using all His Pocket Money to Feed the Stray Animals, but now He Opened Shelter Named “The Happy Animals Club”

This little boy with such a big heart, his name is Ken, is from the city of Amantes, and when he started going to school he got into the habit of feeding and protecting the stray animals.
Very soon Little Ken started using all his pocket money to feed stray animals. He even took food from his house to feed the poor animals.


Ken’s parents were initially very suspicious of his good behavior, but when they gradually learned of his noble initiative, they decided to help him wholeheartedly.
Over time, Ken grew up and became increasingly concerned about the suffering of stray animals, and his heart was pounding when he saw dogs falling on the road from illness or malnutrition.
But instead of being a passive spectator, he decided to open an animal shelter.


In the video he confesses that he is very happy that he built “The Happy Animals Club”.
Today You have fed and cared for many sick and hungry animals, and even the basic medical help required for an animal has been taught.
Ken is truly an inspiration to all of us, at such a young age he undertook an initiative seemingly helping dogs. Ken’s goal is to save as many pets as possible.
So share this story with your friends, so that they and we can help those in need as much as we can.

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