Gutsy 3-Legged Puppy Takes On Difficult Challenge To Show Mom She’s A Tough

Eileen the 3-legged Rottweiler puppy had to have her deformed and infected leg amputated when she was just one week old. But her determined human parents always made sure that her quality of life was not impaired due to her disability!

From a young age, Mom has been training Eileen to move and navigate on her own! Initially, Eileen found it hard to get used to difficult activities like climbing stairs. On bad days, she would even throw a whiny fit at Mom. But soon, Eileen conquered her fears one by one and transformed into an independent pup!

However, Eileen was still dependent on Mom for her potty business. One day, she decided to show Mom and her doggie brother that she could use the outdoor steps all by herself! The gutsy girl hustled up and down the uneven steps, and then climbed back up without any assistance at all!

Mom is impressed at Eileen’s newfound confidence and zest for life. The iron-willed pup gets further motivated every time Mom compliments her for being a good girl! With her persevering spirit, we’re sure Eileen will grow up to have fun adventures of her own and inspire others! Go girl!

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