Guilty Dog doesn’t confess to his owner but has other “plans”

If dogs could write, they would definitely write volumes on how to escape punishment when guilty! In this disastrously funny video, we see some very guilty dogs pushing their brains to the limits after getting busted!

Most guilty dogs’ go-to remedy is to physically hide or just plain ignore when their owners confront them. But some dogs are bold enough to look their owners in the eyes and own up to their actions without fear! A few dogs are so self-assured that they even sport a smug smile to taunt their owners.

However, when guilty dogs feel the heat in their owners’ stern voices, they immediately go into crisis-mode. More often than not, they’ll think of the most outrageous solutions! So while some activate their puppy-eyes, others prefer to play dead, or walk away when they see their chance!

We just love it when these guilty dogs decide to take a leap of faith and “bribe” their mad owners with some apologetic hugs. When the anxious dogs act so sweet and cuddly, the owners have no option but to forgive them! Well honestly, who could resist these adorable munchkins?

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