Grateful Puppy kisses firefighter who rescued him

Firefighters are used to pulling cats out of trees, but imagine how they felt when a phone call came to rescue a dog from a roof. Jasper Husky Siberian was involved little by little. In a way, the sweet 10-year-old religion rose to the roof of his family home in Wells, Maine. To bring the dog to safety, firefighters were called to the scene.


Upon arrival, firefighters saw the dog jumping on the roof of the house. Maybe the dog climbed out the window, which closed behind him. Poor Pohu was trapped 15 feet (15 m) from the ground, and fortunately the neighbors called for help.

Oddly enough, Jasper was quite relaxed relaxing considering the situation he was in. Capt. Jeff Nawfel of the Wells Fire Department knew what to do. It was decided that he and another firefighter would climb to the top and rescue the dog by placing it back inside the house.

The video captured all the rescue, and Captain Nawfel even received a reward from Jasper for his help. Jasper passed by his rescuer and planted a large wet kiss immediately on his face.

When the photo was posted on the Facebook page of the Wells Fire Department, it went viral! We note that this is a rescue story, Captain Nawfel will not forget it soon. Check out the touching moment for yourself in the video below.

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