Grandma Singing and Clap, Adorable Bulldog keep Dancing

Always when we listen to beautiful music it is difficult not to dance. This bulldog agrees with us.His grandmother, sitting in a wheelchair, begins to sing and applaud. At this moment, the dog gets up on two legs and continues to dance.He takes a short break and then continues to dance.

Positioned like this, he’s able to move his head up and down and shake around to the lovely sound of grandma’s singing. Notice Coco’s back left leg moving up and down.

The video is less than 1 minute long but made a huge fuss on social media.As can be clearly seen in the video, Bulldog is not just a pet, on the contrary, he is part of the family. Looks like they’re having an amazing time!
Dogs make perfect companions, especially for elderly people who can’t get around as easily as they used to.

Dogs help prevent loneliness. Studies show that having a dog to accompany you helps reduce stress and blood pressure.
All of these factors contribute to better health. Simply put, we think animals are the best ever.

Go to Video below and see its to funny and beautiful in the same time.

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