Good dogs for Apartment


Havanese are cheerful, energetic, and always excited to run around the apartment. Because of this, they don’t require a lot of outdoor physical activity. Havanese are great apartment-friendly dogs because of their small size; they perfectly meet almost all apartment dog size requirements. Not to mention, they’re just plain adorable with their fluffy coats.


Yes, that’s right – Mastiffs can also be great apartment dogs! Even though they are large, these dogs love to lay around and are the gentle giants of all dog breeds. Just be sure that your apartment has enough space for these lovable dogs and they’ll be happy to live indoors! Mastiffs have low activity levels, so daily walks will be sufficient to maintain your dog’s healthy lifestyle.


At first glance, Greyhounds seem to have a lot of energy. However, what this breed loves most is cuddling up and being lap dogs. Greyhounds also have very short hair, which will make grooming incredibly easy in your apartment. Not to mention, Greyhounds generally have low noise levels and rarely bark.

English Bulldog

The ultimate couch potato: an English Bulldog. We love them for their sweet, calm personalities, which make them great dogs for apartment-living. English Bulldogs are also very restful and have low activity levels. However, be warned that this breed is more prone to health issues due to respiratory issues.

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