Good Dog helps Trapped Bird in Porch, Gently Catches & Releases Them

Labrador-Pyrenees likes to play outside in the yard of his sunny house. Whenever the weather is nice, Gus’s parents keep the door of their porch open to let him and his brother be inside and out of the yard as they wish.

Gus has a good time playing outside, the open door often attracts small birds even at the entrance. The birds try to follow the reflection in the glass window and often fall into the trap. But dear Gus never lets a bird suffer for a long time, and always runs for their salvation!

In video, we see Gus in action as he tries to save another stranded bird. He finds the grieving bird and puts it in his mouth. He does it so gently that his sharp teeth never hurt the bird. He then carefully holds the bird out and releases it!

Over the years, Gus has rescued so many stranded birds that he is now skilled in his rescue work. Mom recently caught on camera one of Gus’s adorable savings and shared it with animal lovers. We have to say, we are touched by Gus’ kind and compassionate gesture towards these birds!


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