Golden Retriever Gently Helps Two Goldfish Who Came Out of the Bowl

Dogs continue to amaze their owners with antiques and ridiculous unexpected behaviors. A Golden Retriever is making waves on social media after a video on the surface of the dog saving the lives of two goldfish.

Former NBA player Rex Chapman first shared the video on Twitter, and Youtube which soon came back and became a viral sensation.

In the 25-second clip, the pup is seen picking a goldfish up off the ground and gently placing the little one back into its bowl. He repeats the process with a second fish, so the duo is safely together.

Not everyone was happy with the video, as some felt the bowl of fish should not be on the floor. They also wondered why the person making the video didn’t stop to help the fish.

In the end, both fish are seen happy and confident swimming in their bowl while the Golden Retriever appears.

See yourself by clicking on the Twitter clip below.

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