Golden Finds Struggling Stray Kitten, Carries Him Home and Now Are Inseparable Friends

Golden Retrievers are known for their loyalty and play, and their love is not limited to humans and other dogs.

This Golden Retriever found a stray kitten and decided to catch it and take it home.

Once the Golden’s owner spotted his dog with the kitten, he checked the area for a mom or siblings, but the cat’s family was nowhere in sight.

The owner quickly got to work, bottle-feeding the kitten ’round the clock to ensure that the kitten would survive. Even during feeding time, the Golden stayed by the kitten’s side.

The Golden became a mother to the kitten, and the two of them formed a very special bond.

From eating from the same bowl, to slippers together to continue walking with each other, these two are now best friends.

If it weren’t for the Patriotic Golden instincts, this kitten might not have survived just outside without his mother.

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