German Shepherd Gets a Little Golden Retriever Puppy

There is nothing more adorable than an adult dog meeting his new puppy sibling. That’s exactly what happened when Max the German Shepherd recently went nose-to-nose and face-to-face with Golden Retriever pup, Murphy, for the first time.


When Max’s owners posted the video to Facebook, animal lovers went into cuteness overload. On the Facebook page, Max the Floofy Bear, over 500,000 people liked and viewed it right away.

Over on Instagram, the two have over 350,000 followers and their fans love to see new videos of the dynamic duo.

In their first meeting, Murphy arrives inside a box and is placed down in front of Max, who quizzically sniffs and looks at the puppy. Before long, Murphy tries to engage his big brother to play by rolling over on his tummy.

Max gets right into the fun as if they were best pals forever. As the jumping and pouncing continue, Murphy gets a case of the “happies” and even poses close to Murphy.

If you need a smile, watch the video below. If you feel sad, watch the video below. If you any way, shape, or form, watch the video below.



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