Funny Dog Scores “Epic Fail” on Ever Test in Service Dog Training

Ryker the German Shepherd is full of energy and enthusiasm, but he isn’t very good at being a service dog! When the trainers at “Double H Canine Training Academy” saw how brilliantly Ryker failed every single test in his service dog training, they decided to share his epic disaster of a video with the world!

At the start, it seems like Ryker is highly motivated to please his trainers. We see him diligently pulling his handler in a wheelchair, when his other trainer bounces a tennis ball at him. Like every dog ever, Ryker realizes that fetching the ball is of top priority. So he runs to get the ball, while the wheelchair falls flat on the ground with the handler!

Poor Ryker has been pulling (and occasionally chewing) wheelchairs all throughout his training. So when his handler opens a refrigerator in front of him, the adorably clueless dog’s first instinct is to drag away the fridge too. Aw! He just wants to show his trainers that he is a good boy!

Needless to say, Ryker flunked every test in his training module with equal enthusiasm. The poor thing is just not cut out for life as a service dog. He might be a wrecking ball as a service dog, but if you ever need a mover – Ryker is definitely your guy!

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