French Bulldog Trust His Owner, to Jumping in his Hands

French bulldogs are probably some of the most cut animals in the world. We can’t get enough of their special personality.
We have never met a French bulldog who does not want to be friends with all those he meets. They are very trustworthy puppies.

As the bulldog is in the video below, he has to trust his owner to make a challenge that he demands. The challenge is to get out of bed straight into the arms of his owner.
He feels the emotions when he tries it for the first time but then he feels safe and jumps at that moment and waits in the owner’s hands, he is very happy that he managed to keep it.

But I have to do it again the second time he does not hesitate at all and throws himself directly because now he has a lot of confidence in his owner.
Watch the video below and give us your opinion if he is not a champion.

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