French Bulldog Takes On Pesky Iguana He Spins Until he Throws It

Green Iguanas have taken over an area south of Florida, causing damage to roofs, a mess in swimming pools and eating landscaped landscapes on people’s properties.
That means big business for countries like Iguana Control of Fort Lauderdale and Redline Iguana Hollywood Removal.

Not everyone likes creatures, and that includes saturated doggos as well.

A guy in south Florida uploaded a now-viral video to Twitter featuring his French Bulldog taking on an iguana attempting to climb his house.

The seemingly fearless pooch nips and surrounds the iguana, who just wants to get out of there as fast as possible.

As soon as the lizard tries to get away, the pup chases it and grabs him by the tail. Not everyone is happy that the owner allowed the animal to swing the iguana around.

However, not soon the puppy rolls the lizard when suddenly the iguana strikes again. He lands in one of the places that the French did not expect.

Watch the video below, realizing that the iguana was not damaged. We don’t cost anything when innocent animals are put at risk.

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