Ford Designed Noise-Canceling Dog Kennel That Blocks Out Thunder and Fireworks Noise

Large human celebrations such as the fourth of July and the celebration of the New Year often involve fireworks exploding in the sky. Most dogs are not fond of loud noises, especially fireworks. Dog owners have been trying to calm their dogs down with everything from medication to loud music. Ford has released what it calls the first in a series of innovations. The new dog clothing that removes noise from Ford uses the same technology created for the high-end vehicles they sell in Europe.

Dogs entering the quiet herd will hear less sound and feel less vibration, making it a safe and soothing place to go when noises scare them away. There are also sound systems inside the microphones that surround the dog bed.

In a statement to Detroit Free Press, Lyn West, brand content manager, marketing communications, Ford of Europe, shared, “We have thought about how the technologies we use in our cars can be applied to help in other situations. Can dogs enjoy the quietest New Year’s celebrations through the application of our Noise Control system? ”

Although dog kennels are not available for purchase and are not yet being produced, Ford is open to the idea of someone developing the prototype. Witness the amazing technology and how it can help dogs by looking on the video below.


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