Fire Dept Rescues Eight Puppies Stuck Under Apartment

The firefighters of Nashville Fire Department quickly sprung into action when they received a distress call about puppies in danger in an apartment building early in the morning. By the time they arrived at the apartment, the “distress cries” of the puppies had turned into faded whimpering sounds coming from the building’s crawl space.

Led by Captain Fred Ray, the rescuers carefully wriggled into the hazardous crawl space. They soon spotted a tiny puppy. As the crew went further in, they discovered 7 more puppies huddled into a suffocating corner and crying for help. The brave rescuers wasted no time and meticulously scooped out the puppies one by one.

Thankfully, the puppies were all in good health. However, their mama dog was nowhere to be found. It is difficult to say whether these puppies were abandoned, but they are assumed to be about 6 weeks old. They are now under the care of Robyn’s Nest Animal Rescue in Nashville.

The locals have hailed the firefighters for their timely rescue operation that saved the puppies’ lives. The animal shelter is now using the puppies as bait to lure in the mama dog. If you have any information on the whereabouts of the mama dog or the owner, please contact the rescue. Spread the word.

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