Exercise keep Dog Healthy

A healthy dose of exercise is beneficial for your dog. Knowing how much exercise your dog needs and how often he needs it starts with factoring in his age, size and health.

Know Your Dog’s Needs
As you exercise with your dog, consider his needs and present physical condition. Leisurely walks may be best for an older dog, while a young dog is more likely to have ample energy for something more vigorous.

Find the Right Activity
If your dog has more energy to expend than you do, teach him to fetch a ball or a flying disc. The activity may be just right for you and a challenging exercise for your dog.

Ease Into It
If, for whatever reason, you have not exercised your dog regularly and decide to launch a regular exercise program, go slowly at first. Begin with short periods of activity at slow speeds and gradually increase the time, speed and distance of the exercise.

We wish you luck on finding the right exercise regimen for your dog. Regular exercise is a key component to a healthy lifestyle for your dog.

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