Dogs wait outside of the hospital after his owner suffers from stroke

Luiz has been homeless on the streets of Brazil for years, but he is hardly ever lonely, thanks to six loyal dogs who never leave his side.

The dogs proved just how loyal they were when Luiz suffered a stroke and was rushed to Santa Casa Hospital by ambulance.

Without hesitation all six dogs chased after the ambulance for several miles, all the way to the hospital, and sat at the front doors.

Simone Zilane, a volunteer for the Amigos de Patas, with animal welfare group, caught the dogs on video as they arrived to the front of the hospital, panting and out of breath. While the dogs were waiting, they began howling, as if they were calling out for their owner.

Thankfully, Luiz was released from the hospital, but left through a different door than he entered and had no idea his dogs were waiting for him.

Zilane went to Luiz’ brother’s house where he was staying and was able to reunite him with his pups. The dogs were so happy to finally see him again.
Luiz had been previously diagnosed with psychiatric problems and has continuously turned down help from homeless charities as well as his family. He says the street is his home.

Zilane even took the dogs to a kennel so they wouldn’t have to be on the streets, but they managed to escape and found their way back to Luiz.

It’s safe to say that these dogs are as loyal as can be and don’t want to be anywhere other than right next to Luiz!

Luiz is now happily back on the streets with his pack of dogs, who have since been neutered, vaccinated and chipped.

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