Doggie School Bus going home and picks up pups for ‘school’

Arat Montoya always wanted a job that revolved around dogs. He left his family’s thriving business to become a dog care worker. However, his employers had to close their day care service. Understandably, Arat was heartbroken and worried about his future job prospects.

He continued to hope and decided to offer the day care door service for clients in Portland, Oregon. He took his Golden Scion and renewed it to look like a school bus to look like. He just parked it on the street by car and won 16 customers within 2 weeks!

Today, Arat has over 300 customers, their schedule tailored to accommodate about 20-30 dogs for their daily care trip. The fields personally interact with each dog as it takes them out for a fun day of play and travel in the park. He has even memorized the names and barkings of each dog under his care!

Dogs love the accompanying part of the day as their owners feel relieved that their precious poet is happy to practice some exercises under Arat’s trustworthy guardianship. At the end of the day, the exotic dogs have safely left their respective homes.

Arat thinks he has been living his dream life ever since he set the Doggie Daycare on the move. He is currently looking for another dog lover like him as an assistant, so there is no need to remove customers. Help him find the word around, so that Arati can find a dog-loving assistant and get more dogs and spread more joy!


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