Dog Waits Patiently For His Beloved Stuffed Toy To Be Fixed

Labrador Black is a rescue dog with an admirable and thoughtful personality.
Her mom has noticed that Abby always takes care of her toys and never abuses them, making sure her toys are the best.
One day Abby discovers that her favorite toy has been badly damaged, the dog gets anxious when she sees that the toy filling had come out.

She holds her toy tight and begins to sway softly, when Mom realized her suffering she thought of buying him a new toy. But for Abbyn, that toy is her favorite and makes it irreplaceable to anyone else.
Mom finally thinks of repairing Abbey’s toy by sewing it. She comforts Abyn and asks him to wait until he repairs the torn piece.

Abby nervously watches as Mom repairs the toy, filling it, and she trusts Mom with her favorite toy.
She watches him to the end and when her toy is repaired she starts to be very happy and starts smiling, and as a sign of gratitude she starts and shakes her tail.

Look at the video below Abby nervously waiting for Mom to repair toy!

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