Dog Tries To Eat But Rare Condition Makes Her Fall Asleep While Eating

From the moment Ryan and Erika Lil rescued a sweet dog named Mila, they knew something was wrong. Every time Mila was teased, she suddenly fell asleep.

“I noticed she did this where she looked like she was falling asleep or getting caught, and I didn’t know what it was,” Erika told Inside Edition.

Family veterinarian in New Jersey examined Mila and diagnosed her with a rare neurological condition called catarrhal narcolepsy.

Mila will suddenly “finish” if she gets too much fun playing with her father or when her mother prepares the dog’s dinner. The poor dog doesn’t even realize it’s happening and sometimes she falls asleep during the eating process.

Her mom says it isn’t painful, it happens fast, and then Mila wakes up to move on with her activities. The entire time, the pooch’s eyes are open.

Although narcolepsy in dogs is rare, always check with your veterinarian if you suspect your dog has any problems.
One of the most famous narcoleptic dogs is Skeeter.
You can watch his behavior in the video below.

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