Dog That Lost Babies in tragedy, Finds Her Happy Ending

Jessica Woodruff was witness to a living nightmare when her barn, and all of the precious animals inside of it, caught on fire. But this nightmare has a happy ending. And while no one can replace the loss, at least we can all take some positivity from this tragedy.

Jessica lost four goats, a pig and a litter of three-week-old puppies to the barn fire. A horror so great it’s indescribable by words. Her Great Pyrenees and Border Collie mix, Daisy (and mother of the poor puppies lost to the fire), was devastated.

Daisy spent weeks grieving the loss of her seven puppies. She even refused to eat. Desperate, Jessica took to Facebook to find a solution. That’s when a miracle happened!

Lorna Murphy was also in desperate need of a solution after her five-year-old dog, Chloe, died after giving birth to a litter of eight puppies. The two met up and introduced Daisy to the puppies who immediately fell in love! Lorna let Jessica bring the puppies home to be nursed by Daisy who made a remarkable recovery from her loss.

“She is so much more herself,” said Jessica.“It’s amazing how much they helped her heal.”

After they were weaned, the puppies returned to Lorna, but the runt, now named Benji, stayed with Daisy.

A truly happy ending to a horrible tragedy!

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