Dog swallows Neighbors Cocaine and put himself in danger

The Detroit Police were out serving a warrant in a local neighborhood when near-tragedy struck. When the suspect saw police on his property, he threw a bag of crack cocaine over the fence separating his yard from his neighbor’s yard.

At the very moment the crack was tossed over, Nipsey the dog was out in his backyard. Suddenly and within seconds of hitting the ground, Nipsey picked up the drugs and started chewing on the contents. His owner, Clinton Majors, was home at the time and able to rush the dog to a veterinarian’s office.

Detroit Police contacted the Michigan Humane Society’s (MHS) field services team, who in turn got Nipsey to the Grosfield Veterinary Center.

He received incredible medical attention as soon as he stepped in the door, according to Elise Ramsey, Field Services Manager with the MHS.

His owner saw him eating the dope and is incredibly grateful he was home at the time and that everyone came together to save his pooch. After spending a night in the hospital to watch for ill effects, Nipsey and Clinton were reunited the next day.

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