Dog Slips His Paws Into Shoes Shows Her He Can “Walk” Like A Human Too

In this adorable video, Watson sees his human’s Croc shoes and, instead of trying to chew on them like most dogs would, he actually puts them on and tries to walk in them!

His owner caught the hilarious moment on camera and decided to set it to Rufus Thomas’ hit “Walking the Dog.” Guess this pup wanted to help out his owner and wanted to help break in the new shoes.

Enid didn’t want to let go of the affectionate and helpless puppy, so she began raising him with special care. Over time, Watson got accustomed to a normal, routine life with his mommy. He even developed a goofy personality and was always up to all sorts of mischief!

In this video, 5-year-old Watson has his eyes fixated on Mom’s new Crocs. While dogs have a natural instinct to chew up shoes, Watson is different. He stares long and hard at the shiny new shoes and finally decides that he should check if they are safe for mom!

Watson carefully inches forward and slips his front paws into the shoes. Now that he’s confirmed that the shoes are “harmless”, he feels confident enough to take a stroll in them! Watson hilariously stumbles as he tries to “walk” across the room like a human!

“Even though he’s trained well enough to be a service dog, turns out, I am his service human,” his owner joked.


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