Dog Sleeps only With Pillow That Has His Dead Brother’s Face On It

Spencer and Rocky were the best of friends. For ten long years, the two dogs were completely inseparable. Wherever Spencer was, you’d find his little brother right by his side.

The two of them never spent a night apart. From sleeping in the same bed, to eating from the same bowl, to walking together outside, the two of them were attached at the hip.
So you could imagine how tough it was for Spencer after Rocky suddenly passed away.

Sadly, Rocky developed a large cancerous tumor that was not treatable. Rocky had to be put down, and Spencer was left heartbroken.

Spencer had many sleepless nights when his brother first passed. He would wander the house in the middle of the night, searching for Rocky. Then when he couldn’t find him, he would start to cry.

His family knew they had to do something to help him feel better, so his dad decided to order a pillow for him with a picture of Rocky’s smiling face on it.

Spencer fell in love with the pillow and carried it everywhere with him. He would even cuddle with it and lay his head right on Rocky’s face.

While the pillow is not the same as having Rocky back, it has helped bring a sense of comfort back to Spencer.

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