dog plays piano with little girl who becomes her back up dancer her back up dancer little girl

Buddy Mercury is a rescue Beagle who lives with his parents and 2-year-old sister, Eve, in Ronkonkoma, Long Island. Parents Laurie and Glen Wolfe, named him after Queen frontman Freddie Mercury, who happens to be their favorite performer.

As Buddy started growing up with his music-loving family, he developed a strong taste in music too. The family noticed that Buddy was especially enticed by the piano. He was simply enthralled by the melodious music that echoed every time they pressed the keys! He made it a mission to become a little virtuoso in his own right!

In this video, we get a glimpse of Buddy’s self-taught skills on the piano. He walks up to the piano like a self-assured artist and starts hitting the keys with his paws. He tilts his head back as he howls along in synchronicity with his beats. In fact, Eve also picks up her toy guitar and joins in her doggie brother for some cute dance moves!

Buddy is so obsessed with the piano that he has even got himself a piano-themed collar! What a cutie! His parents say that he always senses when they are in the mood for a melody, and plays for them whole-heartedly. And he has the perfect back-up dancer in the form of his little human sister!

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