Dog plays “cops” by helping children cross the road

Pedestrians on a street in Batumi, Georgia, were caught off-guard when they witnessed the exceedingly kind gesture of a local street dog, Kursha. This sweet pooch has a strong love for humans despite having no home of his own. In this video, he goes out of his way to protect a bunch of kindergarten kids.

As we see in this clip, Kursha sees that the kids are struggling to cross the busy street, and immediately runs to them with concern. He lets them know that he has it covered, and bolts bravely toward the oncoming cars. He barks ferociously and alerts the drivers about the children waiting to cross the road!

Kursha’s helping nature doesn’t just stop there. He effectively guides the children as they march along the zebra-crossing, making sure that they are safe and unharmed. What a selfless guardian angel to the little ones!

In Georgian mythology, Kursha (or Q’ursha) was a legendary winged dog who was incredibly strong and brave and forever loyal to his master. The name Kursha means “black-ear” and is a common Georgian name for dogs.

The video of Kursha guiding the children was shared by one of the pedestrians on the road, who revealed Kursha’s plight as a homeless dog. He’s a gracious good boy who would be a perfect fit for a home with kids. Let’s spread the word and help this sweet dog find a forever home!

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