Dog Needs A Comfort Toy Daily when he go to sleep

After a long day you are almost ready for bed and while you are getting ready, you notice your dog begins to head over to his bed with a toy in his mouth. After he drops his toy off, your dog proceeds back to his pile of toys and grabs another toy. Your dog is carrying his favorite toys to his bed to sleep with and it seems quite peculiar to you.

The scared little pup would hold his prized possessions close to him as he went to sleep every night. As he grew up, he became smarter and braver each day, but he never grew out of his habit of holding on to something while sleeping.

Today, Bentley is over 2 years old, and he has this cute nightly ritual of grabbing something new everyday before he goes to sleep. In this video, Bentley’s parents document Bentley’s walk to his room every night, as he grabs a new comfort buddy.

Dogs sometimes act in odd ways and although it may seem peculiar to pet owners, it is what brings them comfort. If your dog needs to sleep with his toys, there is no harm in it. Just make sure your dog doesn’t think you are going to rob them of their belongings.

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