Dog Make a Good Plan to Steal Chicken Nuggets in Oven

Lucy Beagle likes snacking all day long. When her mother started finding food crumbs on the floor every day, she suspected that Lucy was not in good condition in her absence. So, Mom planted a secret camera to find out how Lucy managed her food escapes.

In video, mom has licked Lucy by placing some chicken ovens in the oven. Sure, we see Lucy carefully in the oven and secretly planning a glove. Soon, we see Lucy nicknaming a chair toward the kitchen sink. She maneuvers herself using the chair and successfully reaches the oven!

After clearing the initial hurdle, Lucy seems pretty confident about the rest of the plan. She kisses the oven door and pulls out the nuggets. However, only one piece falls to the floor. Lucy quickly jumps down and mocks the toy, but she doesn’t seem pleased with such a small victory.

Before we know it, Lucy uses the chair path to get back to the oven. But this time, she decides to play big. She pulls out the nuggets and knocks all over the plate on the floor. Now that her mission is successful, she happily goes down to celebrate the remaining nuggets. Hopefully Lucy’s mother started fixing the dogs for her kitchen after she caught her food thief!


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