Dog Loves When you Back Scratches but This Man Builds A Machine To Do It

Michigan woodworker Matt Thompson of Thompson Woodworks who once built a marvelous beer dispensing chair in the shape of his beloved state, crafted a wonderful, free standing automatic dog petter for his two doggos of two very different sizes, Bonnie and Clyde.

Matt Thompson is a 50-year-old woodworker who came up with the idea after spending more time indoors with his dogs, Bonnie and Clyde.

I’m sure all the pets are appreciating all the time we were spending at home, Thompson wrote on Instagram. “I know Bonnie and Clyde loved him.

The video that accompanied the title shows his two adorable dogs taking the best in the world and getting upset thanks to the device he built. It is not the first time he has created unique wooden projects, but it is the first time he has built a dog smuggler.

People have massage chairs, why shouldn’t our pets have attractive cars? I gave it a Rube Goldberg style flame to make it interesting to look at.

Press play in the video below to see his doggos enjoying uninterrupted pleasure thanks to this new smart machine.

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