Dog Jupms up To Piano, Starts playes a few Notes

We love to discover wonderful new music and find great superstars. However, seeing us end up shocked when you discover talent starts and this is a talent that really makes them complete!

The talented dog sits on the piano bench and her mother instructs her to light the piano. Indeed, the well-to-do Sadie begins the celebration. She even has an excellent demeanor and sits nicely on the piano bench. Once lit, she puts her paws sometimes so gently on the keys and makes musical magic.

Sadie is a 6-year-old German Shepherd, Border Collie cross with a real star quality. She was adopted by an animal shelter 10 years ago and she has become a much-loved member of each family forever.

Honestly, I think we are in love with this dog! Sadie is completely adorable and she has a great sense of humor. At the end of her performance, we even see Sadie get a proud bow for her adoring fans. Now, this is a piano recital that I would pay to see!

Like a true musical genius, Sadie turns her head to see her mother as if to say, “Am I the right key?” Okay, she hits some wrong notes, so she covers her face with her paw as if she’s embarrassed.

Watch Sadie’s performance below:

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