Dog is Super Upset with Owner but Finally Decides To Forgive Her

Just like children sometimes and dogs act like them, this is evidenced by Ralplhie in the video below when he behaves coldly with the owner.
It is not clear what the owner did but Ralphie is not happy and is giving the silent treatment.

She goes on to ask what mistake she made where the problem is, but Ralphie looks at him and just turns her head in disgust and refuses to keep eye-to-eye contact with her for more than a few seconds.

After a few minutes his mother tells him that he is sorry and Ralphie looks at her. Before he decides to jump on top of her for a hug he gives her the previous look when he was happy.
It is very clear that Ralphie decided to forgive her and all that was needed were just those two magic words.

All of this was filmed when Ralphie was upset with his mother and then he forgave her.
Newfoundland dogs are a type of dog that is very gentle and sociable with humans, so they needed to be with their children. Ralphie has been the most perfect puppy for them.

Watch the video below for the moment when he forgives her!

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